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Stockholm HOT NEWS…!!!
Sångerskan och popikonen Agnetha Fältskog gästar PRIDE festivalen den 1 augusti.
Agnetha Fältskog kommer inte att sjunga på Stockholm Pride. Hon kommer att ta emot en Guldskiva för sitt senast album ”A”

The singer and pop icon Agnetha attending the festival on August 1.
This is the first time in years that Agnetha participate in an official context.
Agnetha Åse Fältskog, born 5 April 1950 in Jönköping, Sweden, is a Swedish pop singer and songwriter. She was a member of the successful Swedish pop group ABBA years 1972-1982.


New…..nuevas ….nya,cool ah.

by admin on 2012-11-02


Kul att se peruker i alla höjder och former ,eller?


Make Up Store Årliga visnig 2012

by admin on 2012-09-17

Make up Store showing Fall 2012: Spellbound
Make up Store höstvisning 2012: Spellbound


Happy Hoes choreography is now set! Stockholm Pride on August 4. On the main stage at 20:55!


Congratulations to winner Tito Frez by mi lajki Style Factory who is the winner of season 1 TV in collaboration with First price is an exclusive mi lajki ad campaign and the honor of designing a limited line of jewelry for mi lajki! ♥

JAG VANN JAG VANN JAG VANN JAG VANN!! tack så mycket ÄR SÅ GLAD!!! så jag håller på gå av i mitten!!!
TACK till MI LAJKI STYLEFACTORY och alla SUPER COOLA Stylister.You rock!!!
Thanks so much LOVE YOU ALL.


heme: Swamp Safari Mission: Octopus

mi lajki style factory offers through an inspiring platform for storytelling to motivate designers to create within conceptual design & styling. Each season 27 stylists gets a unique opportunity to participate in the project.

18 aspiring students in mi lajkis styling academy assists 9 talented & international stylists. Every season we present unique interpretations of their stories in three different mi lajki themes: Yummy, Swamp Safari, & Starstruck. The 9 top stylists are assigned a unique styling mission through a custom made and designed piece of jewelry from mi lajki inspired by a story in a chosen theme. In addition there is a huge styling wardrobe available through our sponsors and lots of mi lajki jewelry and accessories to indulge in through a fantastic collaboration with However, the stylist has unlimited space of creative freedom to create without any boundaries.

mi lajkis nominated star reporter and superhero stylist Alexis Knox reports live frontrow from the 9 fashion shows, and the expert jury consisting of Alexis Knox, and the team under the Creative Director Angelina mi lajki accounts for 50% of the votes. The ultimate price for the stylist is the final AD campaign wort 100 000 USD and an opportunity to create a limited line of mi lajki jewelry sold exclusively at

Also the viewers have an opportunity to vote for their favorite stylist to control the end result of their success story. They can win a fabulous wardrobe consisting of a complete make-over kit from style factory sponsors Svea, Nanso, Pearl London, Wonderbra, Dim, Wet n ‘Wild, Karita, Madara, H by Hudson, Girls with Attitude, Rapunzel of Sweden, Lee Stafford , & Magic host worth 1500 USD! Voting is done through Facebook by liking style factory fanpages of a favorite stylist

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Every Wednesday we get to know each of the 9 top stylists as they navigate their way through the surreal mi lajki world to show their talent! Storyline, music and decor are custom designed by mi lajki, and pop group Le Kid are fronted in a musical and exciting collaboration.